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The cup Qi Zu Xuan Gong is also everywhere

Le 7 July 2017, 09:54 dans Humeurs 0

The cup, Qi Zu Xuan Gong is also everywhere, King Cup passenger warfare Sevilla 1-3 backward to 83 minutes, seeing 39 unbeaten golden body will be broken, Ramos Benzema actually the last 7 minutes into the two Ball equalizer. Champions League group match two games Lisbon athletic, home 0-1 behind to 89 minutes, C Luo free kick tied after the 38 minutes of Mora tower overtake, passenger warfare with Benzema 87 minutes lore to ensure ahead of qualifying Jordin Tootoo Jersey. Often back to life, but also to Zidane into the history of the Spanish team to teach the history of the top 90 games before the minimum number of coach, only 8 games, par with Mourinho Guardiola. Ramos pointed out that Real Madrid and Juventus in this game is fifty-five open ED Belfour Jersey, "We are not popular, the two teams are starting from scratch tomorrow, the data shows nothing, won the Spanish league can not change anything, although We won the championship after a few years away.I believe that tomorrow's game will be very difficult, we and Juventus duel is fifty or five open Marcus Kruger Jersey. Originally Juventus has been able to eliminate Real Madrid Pierre Pilote Jersey, Mora tower played a very important role, the Spanish striker in the home and away have made a goal, he almost by virtue of their own power will Galaxy warships turned to the ground. It was Mora from the Real Madrid transfer Juventus to join the first season, after two defeated Galaxy warships, the Spanish striker did not celebrate, he used this way to express their respect for the old club The

Real Madrid although the mysterious care body

Le 7 July 2017, 09:54 dans Humeurs 0

Real Madrid, although the mysterious care body, Juventus and how full fear of zai? Allegri is the hardest coach in recent years, Italy, and Qi Zu moment yuyao. Formerly just Cagliari out of the  uncle, then was invited to AC Milan, sparrow on the branches of the Phoenix Michal Rozsival Jersey. After the first season of the double crown brilliant (Serie A + Italian Super Cup), he opened the life mode Bobby Hull Jersey, the 2012 league champions Juventus, but the Monterey specter ball aftershocks strong, the Italian football circle on the only sympathy The Speaking of coach Zidane, Ramos said, "We have worked with Zinedine Zidane for a long time, we feel proud of him, we are used to participate in the final, Zidane is a symbol of Real Madrid , We all know, for him to choose the lineup is very difficult, I expect him to stay as long as possible for the team, for us, Zidane is very important Jeremy Roenick Jersey. In the Cardiff Millennium Stadium, Juventus once again get the opportunity to create history: the Bianconeri is expected to become the history of the first eight Triple Crown Graham Knott Jersey. However, Juventus has also been runner-up 6 times, is the history of the Champions League to get the most runner-up team. Glory or regret, the Bianconeri this time obviously do not want to miss the opportunity again.

Berlusconi then cut investment

Le 7 July 2017, 09:53 dans Humeurs 0

Berlusconi then cut investment, Milan lost Ibrahimovic and Tiago - Silva two kings, Nesta Inzaghi Gattuso and other veterans fade out until the team, the Red Army competitiveness straight down Dennis Rasmussen Jersey, but Alleg But in the promotion of salad, turned out to make a small French philosophers to help the Milan League series of thrilling grab points Brent Seabrook Jersey, the Champions League to ensure that the group qualify. Every time the cusp, tert always have salad and other odds to come to the Savior, the Champions League 1/8 finals or even the first leg 2-0 victory over Barcelona, ??dangerous explosion popular, and the old Tony tensions and therefore won the relief. The second half of the salad dumbflex, Allegri and hope to another savior Baluoteli, with the second half of the 13 war 12 ball magic performance Marian Hossa Jersey, in the first 3 points after 9 points Kuang chase. The last round of Ambrosini was, Merck 87 minutes adversity lore, help Milan 2 points breathtaking pressure on Florence into the Champions League, renewed the devil 2012-13 season Megatron Apennine. For the team's mentality, Ramos is very confident, he said, "We played a lot of games in the final, which may be more to the opponent to bring the impact of the opponent is also clear that we will make every effort on the pitch, we keep So that we know the history of the team, before the referee blew the final whistle, anything can happen.This is two consecutive years to win the Champions League's historic opportunity, which in recent years has also occurred many times, the team The fighting spirit so that we adhere to the last, so it seems the game is about to play, we always give the final blow. Last summer, Real Madrid triggered the Mora tower transfer contract in the repurchase terms, the origin of the Galaxy warships youth academy high center finally returned to the Bernabeu stadium Marcus Kruger Jersey. In the tournament this season, Mora tower for Real Madrid played 42 times, scored 20 goals. It is noteworthy that, although the number of appearances, but most of Mora are off the bench, so his hand over the number of goals, is already quite good.

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