Real Madrid, although the mysterious care body, Juventus and how full fear of zai? Allegri is the hardest coach in recent years, Italy, and Qi Zu moment yuyao. Formerly just Cagliari out of the  uncle, then was invited to AC Milan, sparrow on the branches of the Phoenix Michal Rozsival Jersey. After the first season of the double crown brilliant (Serie A + Italian Super Cup), he opened the life mode Bobby Hull Jersey, the 2012 league champions Juventus, but the Monterey specter ball aftershocks strong, the Italian football circle on the only sympathy The Speaking of coach Zidane, Ramos said, "We have worked with Zinedine Zidane for a long time, we feel proud of him, we are used to participate in the final, Zidane is a symbol of Real Madrid , We all know, for him to choose the lineup is very difficult, I expect him to stay as long as possible for the team, for us, Zidane is very important Jeremy Roenick Jersey. In the Cardiff Millennium Stadium, Juventus once again get the opportunity to create history: the Bianconeri is expected to become the history of the first eight Triple Crown Graham Knott Jersey. However, Juventus has also been runner-up 6 times, is the history of the Champions League to get the most runner-up team. Glory or regret, the Bianconeri this time obviously do not want to miss the opportunity again.