The following year, Milan lost to Sasoluo, Allegri was replaced by Seedorf, since San Siro field Jeremy Roenick Jersey, who did not think Kongdi left Juventus, Agnelli family phase  uncle success, the first quarter to lead the team to kill Into the Champions League final, made Kongiti 3 years did not complete the break. The next year Serie A 6 rounds of 3 negative 2 level start,  tert reproduce hard character, played two waves of 15 straight and 10 consecutive victories Brian Campbell Jersey, still reelected in advance This season Allegri successful revenge Enrique Barcelona, ??the finals can reproduce the character, breaking the Juventus Champions final 4 losing streak curse? Mora tower will be in the current Champions League final "compensation" Real Madrid Jonathan Toews Jersey, he vowed to leave the Champions League big ears in the Spanish capital. Because it can not get a stable starting position in Real Madrid, this summer Mora tower or will go again, there are many from the Premiership, Serie A giants are chasing the Spanish striker, this time I am afraid he will not go back The. "If Mora Tata can help Real Madrid win the Champions League this season Niklas Hjalmarsson Jersey, and to leave the Bernabeu Stadium with such a result, then this is undoubtedly the most ideal way to say goodbye." "Marca newspaper" said. Although Mora has a pure heart, but in the Champions League final such a big scene, whether he can get playing time in the end, now seems to be an unknown. In Real Madrid's last four Champions League games (two quarter-finals, two semi-finals), Mora La played a total of only 2 minutes, it is clear that the Spanish striker still failed to get Zidane's absolute trust.